Don’t Get Angry 3 (2010, RePack)

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Don’t  Get  Angry  3  (2010,  RePack)

Don’t Get Angry 3 – увлекательное продолжение оригинальной и уникальной настольной игры. Новые режимы, новые персонажи, смешные трюки, поединки, мини-игры, оружие и еще много всего вкусненького будет ждать Вас в игре. Соберитесь и играйте с семьей или друзьями, так как игра подходит для всех возрастов.
Don’t Get Angry!, the probably most original and unique board game PC conversion of the popular family board game, prepares for the third strike! Don’t Get Angry! makes the classic board game and its figures alive and adds original new, crazy features to the well-known game of Ludo (UK) and Parcheesi (USA), making it more interactive and attractive for players of all ages.

Don’t  Get  Angry  3  (2010,  RePack)
Don’t  Get  Angry  3  (2010,  RePack)

New Game Modes!
The interactive computer board game for up to four players is the most detailed computer conversion available so far! Original extras like scurrile characters, funny gimmicks, additional game modes, quiz duels, mini games and powerful weapons of mass destruction warrant exciting and entertaining competitions. The brand-new Deathmatch and Carry-the-Flag game modes provide an entire new and varied gameplay, whilst you may also stick to the well-known Classic Mode in case you are a conservative repuplican.
Original Gags!
Use coils springs, explosive belts, sleeping pills, vitamin cocktails, Cages of Insanity™ or Toilets of Death™, to kick your opponents out of the game with no mercy. Use carnivore plants and original weapons to make enemies (you’ll never have enough of ‘em!) or set grimly aliens from outer space on your opponents! Nasty gags and surprising twists will bring you ultimate fun and lustily laughs once again!
Intuitive and Simple
Don’t Get Angry! is a classic family board game and targets players of all ages. Great effort has been put into intuitive and simple handling, making the game suitable for young players, as well as for senior players. Get a cup of hot coffee (not within the scope of supply), start the game and you’re in! The game is pretty much self-explanatory. A great passion for detail leads through the entire game, which results in many insane gags, detailed animations, original characters and colorful graphics to help you to forget your daily routine. The game is entirely non-violent and therefore suitable for childs, youngsters and seniors.
System requirements:
Win 7, Vista, XP; Intel Pentium III at 1.0GHz; 512MB RAM; 64MB DirectX compatible video
Жанр: Настольные
Язык: Английский/Немецкий
Полная версия (поставь и играй)

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