Cogs v1.3 (Lazy 8 Studios, Repack, Rus/Eng)

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Cogs  v1.3  (Lazy  8  Studios,  Repack,  Rus/Eng)

Увлекательные головоломки из различных механизмов – игроку предлагается решать поставленные задачи, перемешивая механизмы как в "пятнашках". В игре отличная 3D-графика, качественное оформление, 50 уникальных уровней и 3 режима.
Cogs is an innovative new puzzle game where players build an incredible variety of machines from sliding tiles. Immersed in a steampunk world with stunning visual design, Cogs is candy for the eyes. And with 50 unique levels and three gameplay modes, we’ve packed in hours of entertaining, addictive fun.

Cogs  v1.3  (Lazy  8  Studios,  Repack,  Rus/Eng)
Cogs  v1.3  (Lazy  8  Studios,  Repack,  Rus/Eng)

Game features:
• Inventor Mode: Starting with simple puzzles, players are introduced to the widgets that are used to build machines — gears, pipes, balloons, chimes, hammers, wheels, props, and more.
• Time Challenge Mode: If you finish a puzzle in Inventor Mode, it will be unlocked here. This time, it will take fewer moves to reach a solution, but you only have 30 seconds to find it.
• Move Challenge Mode: Take your time and plan ahead. Every click counts when you only get ten moves to find a solution.
• Added one extra puzzle and smoothed out the learning curve.
• Added frustum culling and occlusion culling to speed up rendering.
• Added Spanish, Portuguese and Dutch localizations.
System requirements:
• Windows XP/Vista
• DirectX 9c
• 1.5 GHz
• 512 MB RAM
Жанр: Головоломки
Язык: Eng/Du/Fr/Ger/Ita/Pol/Por/Spa/LOL/Rus
Полная версия (поставь и играй)

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