The Witch and The Warrior (2010, Eng)

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The  Witch  and  The  Warrior  (2010,  Eng)

Увлекательная игра-адвенчура о приключениях молодой ведьмочки, которая оставляет свой маленький остров и отправляется в колледж волшебства для обучения всем премудростям магии. Что ждет ее в этом новом мире?… Узнайте вместе с The Witch and The Warrior!

The  Witch  and  The  Warrior  (2010,  Eng)
The  Witch  and  The  Warrior  (2010,  Eng)
The  Witch  and  The  Warrior  (2010,  Eng)

Life’s not always a fairytale when you are a witch, especially in a world that is still coming to peace with it’s past. An uncomfortable truce is only just forming between the magic and non-magic folk after years of war. At the head of the peace efforts is Queen Clarise, determined that all can come to appreciate each other and work as one. The message is getting through in some places, but slowly – and to Ember, a teenage witch on the island of Vester, every day is a struggle to deal with the insults and prejudice that come with just being her. Ember dreams of leaving her little island and going to Marnethia – a college town founded by the Queen and dedicated to the specialist education of all young people in magic and fighting or whatever their skill may be. A place where she could mix with so many types of people and learn new skills along the way.
System Requirements:
OS: Windows 2000/XP/VISTA
CPU: 600MHz or faster Processor
RAM: 128 MB
Жанр: RPG
Язык: Английский
Полная версия (распакуй и играй)

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